The ABC's of Acting
  How to get started in the business!


        $19.95 New Low Price!    

       VHS Video tape


    Featuring interviews from top casting directors,
producers, actors and other industry professionals!



  A sensible step-by-step guide for newcomers to the acting business that will save you valuable time while looking out for your
children's best interest. In 60 minutes, parents and children will be entertained and educated by this information packed video.
Before you bag your first role in a major feature film or get the starring role on Broadway you need to learn the basics!

  This video has a running time of approximately 60 minutes and covers topics like:
  • Getting Started!
  • Getting Experience!
  • Head Shots!
  • Getting Organized!
  • Schools!
  • Avoiding Scams!
  • Getting your 1st Agent!
  • Castings!
  • Stage parents!
  • Booking the Job!




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