The Basics



What Is AFTRA?

(by AM Staff)

    AFTRA is an acronym that stands for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. AFTRA represents actors and performers who work on productions in radio, television and broadcasting. AFTRA also represents performers who speak in educational media and software, such as CD-ROMS.

How Does AFTRA Help Actors?

    Like the other major actors unions (SAG and Equity), AFTRA represents actors in show business, negotiating contracts, payment rates, benefits and services to help actors advance their careers.

Benefits Include:

  • AFTRA negotiates the minimum rates at which their members must be paid.
  • Helps to resolve labor-related disputes between talent and their employers.
  • Comprehensive health benefits, dental plans, prescription drug benefits and substance abuse programs for members
  • Retirement benefits
  • Alerting members to potential opportunities


How Do I Join AFTRA?

    Unlike the other major actors unions, AFTRA is an "open union", which means it is easy to join the union. Actors need only pay a fee to join. Other actors unions require more than payment of fees, such as requiring actors to work in union-recognized productions prior to being able to join.



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